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Activision Formally Launches Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

18 May 2018
Activision Formally Launches Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

As previously covered, inside sources claim Black Ops 4's single-player campaign was abandoned once Treyarch and Activision realized it would not be done in time for the game's release. It's a little out there for Call of Duty, but for those anxious things are getting too wacky, Treyarch is also promising Black Ops 4 will be a "boots on the ground" experience with thrust jumps and wall running being scrapped.

The livestream reveal for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 certainly revealed a lot of new content, things that we're very happy to see added to the franchise. Players can also expect to find the customary Easter eggs, should they look hard enough.

Like other battle royale games such as "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", Blackout will drop players into a massive world where they have to fight to be the last person standing. This is a balance between the Black Ops that fans love and a bold new direction for Call of Duty, and it could be just the start of a changing tide for a 15-year old series.

Call of Duty games have typically offered action packed single player campaigns in the past but Black Ops 4 will be the first game in the long running series to ditch it entirely.

Oh and there's also a new battle royale-style mode, because of course there is.

For the PC, Treyarch is co-developing with Beenox, who together are working closely with Blizzard to optimize Black Ops 4 for Four new characters (Bruno, Diego, Shaw, and Charlotte) will travel to different time periods, slaughtering zombies and trying to take down some sort of cult in a Roman arena and aboard the Titanic. We know there is no jet pack or boost jumping, but you can still slide.

Finally, the event wrapped up with one more cinematic trailer: a feel-good bit of encouragement about the magic of teamwork.

With such focus on Mutliplayer and no idea of a flowing narrative at present, it's hard to say whether the game will suffer from ditching the single-player campaign or benefit by being so focused.

Moving on from multiplayer, the zombie mode looks to be truly fantastic! Battle Royale game modes have been dominating the games industry this past year and it only makes sense for Activision to jump on the bandwagon. Dubbed Blackout, the mode will include familiar Black Ops characters - Hudson, Mason, Reznov, Menéndez, Woods, and the casts of previous zombie modes - weapons, equipment (including land, sea, and air vehicles), and the favourite parts of previous maps.

As for the exclusive PC version, Treyarch announced that dedicated servers will be making a return, alongside support for ultrawide monitors, 4K HDR support, and uncapped frame rates. Treyarch made it very clear that this is a grounded multiplayer game, but you can still slide.