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Amazon Alexa And Microsoft Cortana Become Friends

08 May 2018
Amazon Alexa And Microsoft Cortana Become Friends

After announcing the integration of Cortana with Amazon's Alexa previous year, Microsoft today showcased a demo of both assistants working in tandem to get tasks done.

You might look at us like we're insane geeks - and we are - but May 4 is one of those days where it's completely allowed, nearly like a Dad Joke Acceptance Day, except it applies to Star Wars because May 4 sounds like "may the force be with you". So now, you can fire up Alexa and get info or have it complete tasks from any screen where you have access to your home button's long-press action.

Would you welcome Cortana into your Amazon Echo interface? Cortana is just another skill.

After the Alexa-to-Cortana demo, Taylor showed off the reverse situation - calling up Alexa from Cortana. You'll still have to use "Hey Google" or "OK Google" as a wake command, which will still bring up the Google Assistant. Cortana can help participants to set up meetings, find conference rooms, and set "to do" and other kinds of reminders inside documents.

"We want to make it possible for our customers to be able to get the most out of their personal digital assistants and not be bound to a single walled garden and for developers to work with the maximum number of users", said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Alexa booked an Uber ride for him. "We both have experience with rings, although hers is more of a Halo". It will ask for permissions, faucet "Allow" to let Alexa hear your orders, call and concept relatives, restrain devices from your clever home and offer location-relevant look for outcomes. Alexa said "I like Cortana".

The new integration is going to be available as part of a limited beta, with Microsoft encouraging interested parties to register their interest here. On Windows 10 PCs, Alexa shows up in the same interface as Cortana does.

Either way you choose to access your settings, you will see a list of available assistants.