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Apple will fix or replace iPhone X's with Face ID issues

08 May 2018
Apple will fix or replace iPhone X's with Face ID issues

Accordingly, the company has also updated its fix policy for the flagship device so that the Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Stores are now allowed to perform a full unit replacement of the phone if repairs prove ineffective.

First, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers have been told to run diagnostics on the iPhone X's back camera. Further, if it fails in this test, the employee has to eventually replace the whole unit with a new device for the consumer. He has stated in his Reddit post explaining the problem, apparently, his iPhone X's both the rear camera and Face ID had stopped working properly. Key sources also indicate that the iPhone X has become the world's most popular handset in the first quarter of 2018. "The telephoto is connected to the true depth and was not working", the Reddit user explained. The front-facing camera also worked fine but not the FaceID.

Apple launched iPhone X a year ago with some of the most sophisticated features like bezel-less screen and Face ID.

Do you use Face ID? If the primary camera unit of the iPhone X can't be fixed by authorized service personnel, engineers must then replace the entire rear camera. The lenses differ on which they do.

For anyone experiencing an issue with their iPhone X, visit the company's support page - Contact Apple Support. But what's most curious about the fix process is that it involves a part of the phone that has nothing to do with Face ID at all - the rear camera. "My front facing camera works fine but the rear is messed up, which leads me to that conclusion".

As BGR notes, the TrueDepth camera system is responsible for Face ID on the iPhone X, but this technology actually lives within the mobile device's notch.

Before the decision on necessity of replacement in a new smartphone, the center is required to diagnose the rear camera of the gadget and find out whether there is an opportunity to solve the problem by fixing.

The bug reportedly affects the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, and causes the phone to glitch during phone calls.