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Brooklyn Nine-Nine saved from cancellation

16 May 2018
Brooklyn Nine-Nine saved from cancellation

After Fox canceled "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on Friday, NBC picked it up for its sixth season. In fact, Hulu still benefits from NBC picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

A much more predictable cancellation than "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", Will Forte's irreverent apocalyptic comedy struggled to find an audience throughout its run but was a consistent critical hit that was most likely the reason it lasted this long.

The Fox executives said they are counting on the addition of football on Thursday night, in addition to its Sunday games, to help boost its new and returning shows.

Created by the "Parks and Recreation" duo of Dan Goor and Michael Schur, who are former college roommates, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" centers on Peralta, played by "Saturday Night Live" alum Samberg, a screwball who happens to be a real good cop.

Rather than throw out several new series in September to compete against each other for viewers, Fox and NBC have announced they are only premiering two and three new series, respectively, in the fall.

The final episode of season five - which will be the last on Fox - airs on 20 May, and will feature the wedding of Jake, played by Samberg, and Amy, played by Fumero. Fox declined to continue the series for a sixth season, yanking the show from our TV screens (but not our hearts).

There was some good news if you're a fan of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and/or "Last Man Standing". "And we're excited about this wonderful new chapter for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'".

NBC noticed the love, and so did our experts in the TV category for the Fandom 250.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air in the spring of 2019 as part of the mid-season replacements.

At any rate, Samberg seemed truly thankful for the last-minute save by NBC.

Joel Lo Truglio tweeted, "We are so grateful for our fans".

Thank you men for your invaluable service to the television community, but BRB because we need about five years to process this all.

So, in business-speak, it's great that passionate fans got #SaveLucifer trending, but there weren't enough of those fans to make the show competitive enough to stay on the schedule for a fourth season.