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Controversy over pastor who prayed at USA embassy in Jerusalem

17 May 2018
Controversy over pastor who prayed at USA embassy in Jerusalem

Praising Erdogan for withdrawing Turkey's ambassador to Israel after the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem, Beck said: "If you want to help the Jewish people, follow the example of what the Turkish president did: withdraw your ambassador from there and come out in the clear". Jeffress concluded his prayer in the name of Jesus, who was a descendant of King David.

Because of Trump's actions, dispensationalists believe the blessing of God will come upon America.

- Jews do not practice the same religion now as they did 3000, 2000, or even 1000 years ago, Judaism had to change with the razing of the temple in AD 70, plus, there are different types of Judaism - Orthodox, Reform, and Progressive.

"We thank you every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right side of history, but more importantly stands on the right side of you, O God, when it comes to Israel". Turkish President Erdogan has revived his war of words against Israel and has called for "an extraordinary summit" of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for undisclosed reasons.

"Today we celebrate what we hope, and pray to the Almighty, is the turning point in the process of the world's recognition of the Jewish claim to Jerusalem", said OU President Moishe Bane in his address.

"Such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States Embassy in Jerusalem", said Gov. Mitt Romney on Twitter.

Jeffress was stung by the attacks from Romney and leftist critics, telling Breitbart News that he emphatically rejects these accusations, which are based on "quotes from years ago taken completely out of context".

Palestinian medics and protesters evacuate a wounded youth during a protest at the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel east of Khan Younis Gaza Strip

"I don't hate anybody but I do want people to know Christ the Savior", he added. It also makes Trump great in the eyes of those American evangelicals who visit the White House regularly to consult with the president, the flatterers and sycophants whom I have called the "court evangelicals".

Pastor Robert Jeffress preaches at First Baptist Church of Dallas.

The decision to select him as a speaker was met with criticism in the lead up to the May 15 inauguration ceremony as Jeffress has been linked to a number of controversial statements, one in particular that said all Jews will go to hell and suggesting that they can not be "saved". "But I do - without apology - embrace the most foundational belief of historic Christianity".

"This city and its entire nation is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people", Trump continued.

Jeffress, as expected, praised the determination, resolve, and courage of President Trump. "Where we differ is how we approach God and secure His approval", Jeffress said. "They are the biggest supporters of Jews in the world".

After Shah's response, the reporter prodded Shah by asking if he thought it was "appropriate" for a person who said that "Jews are going to hell to speak at the opening of our embassy in Israel?" "I share this gospel of God's free gift of salvation with everyone of all faiths out of love for them. They work. We must stop the flow of funds to terrorists and rogue regimes", said Mnuchin who received roaring applause from the audience. In most dispensationalist schemes, Jesus Christ will one day descend from heaven to the Mount Olives in Jerusalem, lead an army that will defeat the forces of the Antichrist at the Battle of Armageddon and establish a 1,000-year reign on the earth.