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Google Assistant will soon be able to make appointments on your behalf

11 May 2018
Google Assistant will soon be able to make appointments on your behalf

The Google app on your Android handset will see the Android TV device and give you the option to quickly transfer Wi-Fi and account settings right over to the unit. We wanted to spend time on one key thing that Android P changes for Android phones. "The updates that you'll receive as a part of this program are pre-release versions, and may contain errors and defects that can affect normal functioning of your device", reads Android Beta Program page. Google has upgraded the user interface on the Android P a lot, it does look kind of familiar but doesn't feel like it.

Google revealed that the machine learning is the core of Android P. However, it makes smartphone advanced and makes it easier for the smartphone to learn and adapt from the user.

This is a big change and a message that the latest Android updates might happen much sooner on its flagship devices.

Other changes in Android P include a new system navigation, created to take account of the increasingly tall phones that make one-hand use more hard. You can also find a proper meaning of that particular world from the documents so you don't need to search for the meaning of a particular world. This feature lets you scan a particular item and it will show you proper links from the web from where you can explore the items and can purchase them instantly.

The highly anticipated OnePlus 6 flagship killer is set to make its official debut on May 16, yet the company has already confirmed that it will qualify for Google's new Android P open beta.

A day after Google announced the addition of six new voices to its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Assistant, users in the United States can now change the voices of their assistants, a media report said.

Google said that the new "Duplex" is its new AI experiment which will be available in the coming weeks. In a demonstration, Google Lens was able to identify an album by the band Justice and the brand of a T-shirt, according to a video published by The Verge.

The Google Assistant provides a central voice interface for the auto that allows drivers to control in-car functions such as air conditioning, and use apps to play music and send messages.

The Google Assistant in the background actually makes a real call.