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Google Assistant's New Voices Are Now Live

10 May 2018
Google Assistant's New Voices Are Now Live

John Legend is one of the new voice options for the Google Assistant. Singer John Legend voiced one of the new assistants, which marks the first time a celebrity voice has been broadly available, rather than just pigeonholed into a turn-by-turn satnav system. Additionally, Google also makes it simpler when it announced that you can also order your food using the Google Assistant.

Google also announced an optional feature that will reward polite kids with replies, such as "Thanks for saying please", "What a nice way to ask me", and "You're very polite".

Now, tap on "Preferences" followed by "Assistant Voice" and you will see a total of eight voice options available out there.

You can also switch the gender of Siri, Alexa and Cortana's voices by going into the settings for your personal assistant app.

With these features, the competition in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered assistants space seemed to have intensified.

Continued Conversations allows Google Assistant to respond to a succession of queries without the user having to say a wake phrase like "Hey, Google" before each individual one.

Google introduced some other features on Tuesday to stop users from behaving badly.

The Google Assistant is on the way to become more standard and easier to use. In that way it fits the goal Google Now used to serve on the Android home screen, except a bit prettier and now found within the Assistant. All you have to do is hit tab to keep auto-completing. That way you don't have to continuously repeat the Ok Google keyword.

Lost in the shuffle at the annual Google I/O conference yesterday was a small upgrade to Google Assistant that has wider implications for humanity than the death of parachute trousers. We're hearing this will be available on all devices in the coming weeks. There will also be a Wind Down feature, which will wash out the colors on your screen to grayscale at your selected bedtime to remind you to put the phone down and get to sleep. That should make everything much more natural, because unless you're Mark Zuckerberg before Congress, you probably don't address people by name before every sentence. That's 5,000 things that will make sure you never have to get up from the couch. All I really care about here is being able to say, "Ok Google, make my coffee in 10 minutes" to get my morning joe. This gives users and developers alike more options with these seven types of devices.

The feature would be rolled it out to all users this month.