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Google to roll out 'Take a Break' feature for YouTubers

14 May 2018
Google to roll out 'Take a Break' feature for YouTubers

The changes announced during Google's I/O keynote will roll out in the latest update of YouTube, along with YouTube's ability to send notifications.

YouTube has got a new feature named "Remind me to take a break" that can remind the user that they should take a break from their binge-watching regime and give them a cue that there is a world outside.

Once you over limit the use of Youtube, you will receive a notification as a warning which will ask you to take a break. When the timer reaches the reminder that has been set, the video will be paused. Whether I'm catching up on Good Mythical Morning with my cereal before work or taking a break to see what's going on with 368, I often find myself glued to my phone going through everything new in my subscription feed.

Also, the "Take a break" feature will allow a user to set a reminder at an interval of 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 90 min and 180 minutes. The user can then choose either to dismiss the reminder to continue watching or close the app.

Now you need to go to Settings General. If you think YouTube is wasting too much of your time, you can decide a time and set the reminder. One of the options called "Disable sounds & vibrations" will let you disable all notification sounds from the YouTube for Android app for a particular amount of time.

Earlier this week as part of the Google I/O 2018 keynote address, the business said it would release new features to enhance what it known as the "digital health" of its users, and maybe make them turn off their mobiles once in a while. The company is working on Android Dashboard, which will show users how long they spend on their phone, which apps they use the maximum, and more.