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Google unveils new 'smart compose' feature for Gmail

09 May 2018
Google unveils new 'smart compose' feature for Gmail

Smart Compose will essentially be similar to predictive text as you type, suggesting words and even relevant contextual phrases, explains Google.

Smart Compose in Gmail is ever-so-slightly different from Smart Reply.

Google has launched Smart Compose for Gmail at its Google I/O event in California.

Smart Compose operates in the background, letting you accept its suggestions or ignore them, so you don't need to change the way you now compose drafts.

Email makes it easy for users to share information with just about anyone they want including friends, colleagues, and family, however, drafting a message can take some time.

In order to send money through Gmail on iOS, first you need to launch on a respective iPhone or iPad device.

Smart Compose follows another time-saving feature added a year ago called Smart Reply.

"The focus is on cutting down repetitive typing by allow users to just press" tab" when agreeing with the suggestion.

With the new snooze button, you're able to put off emails that you aren't able to pay attention to at the moment. For example, if you're writing an email on a Friday, it may suggest "Have a great weekend!" to end your message. The same Snooze feature was introduced by Google to their Android platform last month which is now available on the Gmail for iOS.

Google added payment features to its Gmail mobile app on iOS. From here, they go to the general tab in settings, scroll down and enable "experimental access".

Google plans to roll out Smart Compose to the new Gmail sometime in the coming weeks. You can pay anyone with an email address.