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Jubeir: Saudi Arabia will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does

10 May 2018

However, since Trump's announcement, Iran has threatened to gather uranium if negotations fail in response to the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement.

"Japan and South Korea may comply with the proposed USA reimposition of Iranian sanctions on the concern of losing the US security umbrella vis-à-vis North Korea", Khoman said.

In a press statement, Saudi Arabia said that it welcomed the decision, claiming that Iran had "exploited" economic gains from the deal in order to "destabilize" the region.

Currently, Israel is the only nuclear power believed to be in possession of nuclear weapons.

Trade data already show a reduction of Iranian oil supplies to Japan and South Korea, and refinery sources confirmed they had started shifting purchases in preparation for renewed sanctions.

President Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal on Tuesday, stating that the deal was "defective at its core".

Asked to clarify whether that means the kingdom will work to acquire its own nuclear capability, al-Jubeir said, "That's what we mean".

His comments came after Trump defied the wishes of the other parties to the nuclear deal - France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China - by announcing the United States would pull out of the accord and impose new sanctions on Tehran. "Last week, Israel published intelligence documents, long concealed by Iran, conclusively showing the Iranian regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons", Donald Trump said in White House remarks on May 8. Under such a situation, Iran may decide that its main reason for joining the deal, namely economic recovery through foreign investments, can not be achieved, and withdraw from the deal.

"This was a disgusting, one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made", Trump said.

New U.S. sanctions will include measures aimed at its oil and shipping sectors, with a six-month "wind down" period "to allow companies to end contracts, terminate business, (and) get their money out", according to the U.S. State Department. To be sure, this could risk the chances for the USA bid-Riyadh may want to move more quickly, or it may decide to work with a non-U.S. company that places fewer restrictions on its enrichment and reprocessing capabilities.

Saudi Arabia has threatened to build a nuclear weapon if Iran pursued such a weapon of mass destruction, in the wake of a US exit from a historic nuclear deal.

Except for Saudi Arabia and Israel, the entire worldwide community reacted with anger to Trump's decision to abandon the deal, which has been hailed as a victory for global diplomacy and a pillar of regional stability. The rest can wait.