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Mental Health Awareness Minute To Take Place At 10.59 Today

15 May 2018
Mental Health Awareness Minute To Take Place At 10.59 Today

The number of children in London and the south east referred for mental health treatment by their schools has risen by more than a fifth in the past three years, to 48,000.

The NSPCC was able to get data from 53 of the 66 health trusts who provide mental health treatment and support to kids via a Freedom of Information request.

They said: "As a trust, we have developed our referral processes to make it easy and simple for schools and other professionals to refer to our specialist children's services".

Overall, the number of referrals to CAMHS has steadily increased each year since 2014/15, reaching 34,757 in 2017/18 - the equivalent of 183 every school day in England.

Almost a third (31%) of referrals from schools to CAMHS over the last three years were declined treatment as they did not meet the criteria for support.

Michelle O'Sullivan, RSSB's mental wellbeing specialist said rail companies are increasingly recognising the importance and benefits of addressing mental health issues with awareness-raising initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness Week, which are endorsed authentically by senior leadership teams.

The charity is now calling upon the government with their 'Are You There?' campaign to invest some of this funding into early support services for children.

The figures follow a damning report by the Education Select Committee, published last week, which was highly critical of the Government's mental health plans for children and young people, saying they lacked ambition and would provide no help to the majority of children who need help.

These are very important and there will undoubtedly be times when an employee needs to take time off, but we also need to see more preventative steps to promote good mental well-being, where employees experiencing stress or mental ill health can access support before problems escalate.

"Childline plays a vital role in supporting children with their mental health, and many turn to us when they are struggling to get access to specialist treatment".

It says community and voluntary services such as Childline are picking up the pieces in many cases and the government must plough more cash into them.

"Nearly 12.5 million working days lost to work-related stress, anxiety and depression in the last two years alone paints a disturbing picture of mental health challenges in the workplace".

'This poignant moment of reflection, a first in United Kingdom radio, is a wonderful opportunity to help us improve how we support each other emotionally'.

Apparently, women are generally more stressed than men (89% versus 76%) and there was also a worrying trend of African-Caribbean women in particular facing high levels of stress, which the charity claimed was "linked to reported incidents of racism".

Meanwhile, one-sixth of people (16 per cent) said they had self-harmed as a result of these feelings.

A spokesperson from the Mental Health Foundation said: "Governments across the United Kingdom should introduce a minimum of two 'mental health days" for every public sector worker.

The Mental Health Minutre is being spearheaded by Radiocentre and Radio Academy and executed by content agency Somethin' Else.