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Microsoft Supposedly Working On Lower Cost Surface Tablets

18 May 2018
Microsoft Supposedly Working On Lower Cost Surface Tablets

Now Redmond is looking for a hit in the cheaper end of the market to compete with Apple's iPad and iPad Pro devices.

According to the source, Microsoft's low-priced tablets will sport 10-inch displays, measuring almost the same size as the standard iPad, but will be smaller than the 12-inch screens found on the Surface Pro laptops. That's compared with the $799 starting price of Microsoft's flagship Surface Pro tablet.

With Microsoft tablets struggling to make a dent in the iPad dominated tablet market, Microsoft may finally have to cut corners in some of the Surface devices to make them more affordable. Microsoft's entire Surface hardware division made just $4.4 billion in sales during the same period.

Microsoft has given us a first glimpse of their upcoming office tablet called the Surface Hub 2.

As per a report by Bloomberg, the new Surface tablets from Microsoft are likely to feature 10-inch display screen to rival Apple iPads that also come with 10-inch displays. The market for a Surface tablet is already pretty limited, and a more accessible model will expand the audience significantly. According to the report, the new Surfaces should start at around $400 without accessories like a keyboard, which is $99 cheaper than the 2015 Surface 3.

As for storage and connectivity, Microsoft is planning multiple models with 64GB and 128GB of storage as well as models with the ability to connect to LTE cellular networks. However, Bloomberg claims that they should cost a bit less than the current Surface Pro keyboard.

Further, Intel will provide the needed processor and graphics cards for the device.

As you would expect, you can tap into the cloud using Surface Hub 2, or employ it with various products and services: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard (freeform digital canvas), Office 365, and Windows 10.

Microsoft chose to remain silent to this report neither confirmed nor rejected any news regarding the existence of such device.