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Most US voters trust Federal Bureau of Investigation ex-chief Comey more than Trump

01 May 2018
Most US voters trust Federal Bureau of Investigation ex-chief Comey more than Trump

"He's either very sick or very dumb", Trump tweeted. Trump has also reportedly considered removing other top-ranking Justice Department officials, including Sessions, who recused himself from the Russian Federation probe against Trump's wishes; Mueller; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed and oversees Mueller; and FBI Director Christopher Wray, whom Trump appointed to replace Comey. Now, I didn't go there.everybody knows the locks are there, the planes are there.he said I didn't stay there a night.

"Facts really do matter", he said, "which is why I'm on this show to answer your questions". But he indicated in the interview that he may change his mind.

Gertner said those comments point to a larger, troubling pattern.

As a career US attorney, Comey would necessarily have dealt with classified documents, and in all probability oversaw cases in which the defendants were being prosecuted for just such illegal disclosures as he himself had made. "If he fires [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein, or reshuffles the department, or fires would put those actions in context, which would be part of an effort to obstruct an investigation". "Who knows. But I can tell you right now they want to meet". "That was incredible to listen to".

The dossier included some salacious details that of activies Trump allegedly engaged in on that trip, a claim Trump has denied. In a court filing on Wednesday, Cohen revealed that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in a lawsuit brought by Stormy Daniels, who seeks to return a $130,000 hush-money payment so that she can speak publicly about the extramarital affair she allegedly had with the president.

"This should have been settled long before I came into office", he said, calling Kerry "the worst negotiator" he's ever seen. "There were no campaign funds going into this, which would have been a problem".

The messages were transmitted to lawmakers three months after Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announced that his office had recovered communications between Strzok and Page over the period between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017.

"I did a great thing for the American people by firing him", Trump said.

In his tell-all memoir, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership" which hit the shelves earlier this month, Comey described people around Trump as having a mob or a "Cosa Nostra" quality.

Four Republicans joined Democrats in a 14-7 vote to approve the Senate measure to protect Mueller. "For this first book, I thought it best explore what makes the man tick".

However, regardless of the Trump-Comey subplot, federal investigators looking into the allegations of campaign collusion may keen to look a little closer at what exactly happened and whether the controversial research dossier might be accurate in its claims. Well his memos said, "I left immediately"-I never said that". "This won't hurt him legally, but it's not going to help him legally". He wrote a lot of phony stuff, ' the president said on Thursday. It's possible. I don't know.