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Passengers evacuated from plane after smoke in cabin

10 May 2018
Passengers evacuated from plane after smoke in cabin

She says no main accidents had been reported from smoke inhalation, however she has heard {that a} handful of passengers suffered minor accidents through the evacuation. The plane's 153 passengers disembarked via emergency exits located on the wing and emergency slides. Flight operations at the Denver airport were not impacted.

Firefighter greeted flight 1854 Monday night at around 8pm, when it landed at Denver International Airport because the flight from Detroit filled with smoke.

Passenger on the plane say oxygen masks never dropped down and flight attendants told them to get low to the ground and cover their mouth's with blankets, or clothes. Often when flying, passengers can smell trace amounts of jet fuel when the engines start, or while taxiing when and the wind is strong enough to blow exhaust gasses back onto the plane. "As it was taxiing, smoke was reported in the cabin so the aircraft was safely evacuated".

"The safety of Delta's customers and crew is our top priority and we apologize for the concern this situation has caused", Delta said Wednesday in a statement.

When smoke initially began filling the cabin, the flight crew attempted to keep the passengers calm, but in the end they had to activate the emergency evacuation procedure.

One passenger, Jim McManus, told The Denver Channel the smoke wasn't too thick. Baby was last one out!

"Scariest thing. After landing fumes through the vents and fire. Delta", the woman wrote on Twitter.

"After arrival in Denver and during taxi to the gate, Delta flight 1854 from Detroit to Denver stopped on a taxiway where customers deplaned via slides and over-wing exits due to an observance of smoke in the cabin", the representative said. Passengers were bused to the terminal.