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Main » PD: Car that hit Waymo minivan in Chandler ran a red light

PD: Car that hit Waymo minivan in Chandler ran a red light

06 May 2018
PD: Car that hit Waymo minivan in Chandler ran a red light

ABC15 Arizona has released footage of the collision's aftermath, which shows the Waymo vehicle, a Chrysler minivan, nearby a Honda sedan that's had its front end demolished.

As per the statement of the police regarding the investigation, they said, " We are now investigating a minor injury collision involving two vehicles, one of which is a Waymo autonomous vehicle. As the Honda swerved, it entered the westbound lanes of Chandler Boulevard and ended up hitting the Waymo minivan.

"There was an occupant in the Waymo vehicle sitting in the driver's seat, who sustained minor injuries", he added. It's unclear at this stage what caused the silver Honda to swerve across the road into the path of the Waymo minivan.

In a statement, Chandler Police said that a Honda sedan swerved from its lane to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

This is not the first time an autonomous vehicle is involved in a crash. Tyler went on to say the "The Waymo vehicle was rolling, but I don't think it was going very fast". Uber suspended its self-driving vehicle testing after that incident. The Waymo self-driving auto was said to be travelling at a low speed which minimised the impact of the crash.

This is the second known self-driving auto crash in the Phoenix area in the past two months.

The head of Waymo, formerly Google's driverless vehicle project, said at the time his company's technology could have avoided that accident. That vehicle was also in autonomous vehicle mode when the collision occurred. Waymo has even gone as far to phase out human test drivers in its vehicles, which local residents have been riding as part of a public trial.

In March, Uber's self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian.

Self-driving vehicles might be the future of transportation.