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Police send Zodiac Killer DNA to lab

05 May 2018
Police send Zodiac Killer DNA to lab

Poyser said he hoped the same technique that lead to an arrest in the Golden State Killer case could be used if a complete profile of the Zodiac is obtained.

A likely snag in this process, as SFGate pointed out, is that Zodiac was not as cavalier about leaving behind DNA samples as the Golden State Killer was. However, the Zodiac claimed responsibility for many more deaths in letters, often signed with a symbol of a cross over a circle. They will then be run through an open-source databases created by amateur genealogists - think resources like or 23andme - and matched against DNA submitted by, well, regular people.

Harper CollinsMichelle McNamara's book "I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer" about the notorious Golden State Killer will be adapted by HBO into a docuseries. Whoever committed the Zodiac murders did not give investigators the gift of blood and semen samples. Taking photos and DNA samples is "not testimonial in nature" because it would not require DeAngelo to speak, she wrote.

GEDmatch says they had no idea their database was tapped by authorities. Authorities have said some of the alleged crimes of the Golden State Killer overlapped with DeAngelo's time as a police officer. That finally changed when police brought the DNA evidence to the genealogy site GEDmatch.

"In accordance with our ethical and professional standards, we will refrain from discussion of the facts of the case or our position on any matter while the case and investigation is ongoing", an office representative told Newsweek. The person who was also referred to as the East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker, as well as the Visalia Ransacker, was believed to be the culprit for at least 50 sexual assaults and 10 murders for an entire decade. The use of the commercial site allowed investigators to virtually canvas a new pool of possible suspects, which included relatives of the killer.

From there, they painstakingly constructed a family tree dating back several generations before they zeroed in on DeAngelo. The arrest of DeAngelo stunned his community.

On the other hand, individuals may not be aware that their use of such tools might turn them into informants against their own family - but this may be less true today than it was a week ago.

"The idea that Zodiac must be dead or in prison because we haven't heard from him is wrong", Butterfield said. "Right near the New Hampshire case".

Last week, DeAngelo was arrested and taken into custody at his home in Sacramento County, where the crime spree started.