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Polls open in North Carolina primary voting

10 May 2018
Polls open in North Carolina primary voting

Of that number, 2,820 participated in early and absentee voting, according to the Coffee County Election Commission.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

It is worth noting that more than 85 percent of voters in the Republican-leaning county pulled a GOP ballot Tuesday. More correctly, voters who cast a ballot in the Democratic Primary can not cast a ballot in the runoff for the county judge seat.

The county board also has a number of absentee and provisional ballots that require review and approval before closing out this election. There are 13,201 registered voters in the county.

Iowa's primary election doesn't come up until June 5th but registered voters across the state are already casting ballots.

With a few months separating the county primary, the state primary and the general election, voters can take the time to reflect on which candidate is moving forward and can ponder who they will select in August.

Behind the scenes, Adams said, there was also a great deal of work done by county clerks and the Secretary of State's Office to clean up voter rolls.

Intelligence agencies have determined that, among other things, Russian agents and their operatives executed a cyberattack on a USA voting software supplier, sent spear-phishing emails to election officials, and targeted voter rolls in at least 21 states, breaching a small (but undisclosed) number of them. Those who voted in the Republican Primary, or who did not vote in either primary, may cast a ballot in the county judge runoff election. "You can certainly look at things here and see that yeah, there's a little bit higher Democrat turnout, but I will say that these are very, very small numbers".

"We ran against the establishment, and the establishment is not going to give up their position easily", Blankenship said in his concession speech Tuesday night. The county Supervisor's and CAO are aware of this need and we are all waiting for additional funding from the State and Federal government, which is expected in the next year or possibly two. "Having an unpopular Republican in the White House is a good way to get that turnout boost, but if that's coming, there wasn't a preview of that on Tuesday".

Among the Republican incumbents facing the most serious challenges in Tuesday's voting are be Reps.

In neighboring state of IN, voters picked the candidates that would compete IN the race for one Senate seat and nine House seats.

She too said she was primarily interested in the Republican congressional race. Of the 22 races now rated as Toss-Ups, 20 are currently held by Republicans.

Mr. Feldstein said he was keeping a close eye on the Governor's race.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, who was uncontested in Tuesday's primary, pooh-poohed that idea Wednesday, saying that there weren't many TV ads and "back and forth attacks to get people going" on the Democratic side.

"And that's hopeful, and that is what people need right now... is hope", Meehan said. "It may have just been Republicans had more reason to show up".