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Main » PSX plunges by over 1000 points after Nawaz's Mumbai attacks remarks

PSX plunges by over 1000 points after Nawaz's Mumbai attacks remarks

16 May 2018
PSX plunges by over 1000 points after Nawaz's Mumbai attacks remarks

"Nawaz Sharif said that he neither said any such thing, nor can it be said on the basis of assumptions that planning for the Mumbai attacks was done in Pakistan", said Abbasi, who met the former Prime Minister shortly after the NSC meeting.

While talking to the media outside a court in Islamabad, Mr Sharif said, "What did I say that was wrong in the (Dawn) interview?"

Pakistan did not keep its end of the bargain and sent the case to court without really investigating the conspiracy that led to the attacks.

Imran Khan said that by such statements Nawaz Sharif helped Indian stance against Pakistan army get strengthened considerably.

Sharif was slammed after last week's Dawn interview in which he had stated that "militant organisations were active in Pakistan and "such terror strikes (26/11) could have been prevented". Explain it to me. "Why can't we complete the trial?" he said.

He said that Sharif had made the statement in the "greater national interest", adding he was not the first Pakistani who had raised these concerns about the Mumbai attacks.

"Militant organizations are active". Just $5 a month. "This only proves India's stand has been right all through the way", Sitharaman said. The country is suffering from an acute power shortage during a brutal summer, water supply is scarce, government investment in the education and health sector is shrinking by the day, yet the country's army generals continue to spend Pakistan's precious resources in such adventures that do not serve Pakistan and its people in any way. This has to stop.

The participants said they reject fallacious assertions by Nawaz Sharif, which negated the truth. He went further to say, "This has to stop", and asserted: "There can be only one government - the constitutional one". "Running a parallel "state within a state", Pakistan's Punjabi-dominated military establishment has always followed its own agenda that is independent of democratically elected governments", Nusrat lamented.

Mr Sharif's remarks were played up by the media as an admission of Pakistan's involvement in the terrorist attacks, even though similar questions and statements have been raised from civilian and security officials in Pakistan earlier. The meeting will take place on Monday.

Sharif's comments have put more pressure on the powerful military, which is also grappling with a growing grassroots movement out of the tribal region on the border with Afghanistan. They believe that the announcement by the ISPR chief through social media indicates that the military authorities have made a decision to seriously take up the issue and that they want Prime Minister Abbasi's stance over the matter. Opposition parties, including the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), launched a broadside against him, calling him a "security threat".

A PML-N spokesman said: "At the outset, statement of Nawaz Sharif has been grossly misinterpreted by the Indian media".

The NSC clarified that India is responsible for probe into Mumbai attacks not Pakistan.

Fawad Chaudhry, secretary of information for PTI, said that Sharif was trying to appease the worldwide establishment through his "anti-Pakistan" statements. "Are those who pulled out judges from their offices patriots?"