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Release date CONFIRMED for tomorrow, start time latest

01 May 2018
Release date CONFIRMED for tomorrow, start time latest

The speculation surrounding Fortnite Battle Royale season 4 has reached a fever pitch to the point where people must think the sky is falling. It's hard to see if they are wearing anything new, but the image is definitely suggesting that the meteorite impact could introduce a lot of new items into the game. As the previous teasers indicated, something extraterrestrial seems afoot in Fortnite, as the fourth season seems to revolve around some form of intergalactic threat against alien forces. Epic Games confirmed today that Season 4 of its Fortnite add-on content begins May 1, and that means Fortnite will have to go offline for a period overnight.

As you have probably guessed, the imminent release of Season 4 means that today, April 30, is the last day of Season 3.

But equally, it's possible that some of the first Fortnite Season 4 skins and cosmetics have been found.

While the artwork also featured what looked the outline of a meteor strike, hinting that the much rumoured comet was coming in Fortnite season 4.

Currently, the most popular fan theory is that these ongoing meteor shower will either destroy Tilted Towers or at least will completely transform it.

Alternatively, it's been rumoured Fortnite season 4 could begin with a comet hitting Dusty Depot. Once the game is back online, Fortnite's fourth season will likely become official.

About the new map updates and weapons, it is harder to say anything. The winners of the said event will be announced by May 4 to coincide a bit with the start of the Season 4 Battle Pass. With many organizations, such as FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid and Red Reserve, already having signed teams of four to compete as their competitive Fortnite teams, we may see a future where multiple players represent the same organization at events, while they compete as individual players.