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Ryan Reynolds Plays 'Deadpool' Video Game for the First Time

15 May 2018
Ryan Reynolds Plays 'Deadpool' Video Game for the First Time

Ryan Reynolds makes for the ideal Wade Wilson, Deadpool was the flawless way to introduce the character on the big screen properly (we're still trying to forget X-Men: Origins - Wolverine) and the movie was a total crowd-pleaser that absolutely dominated at the box office.

What do you hope to see happen in this X-Force movie?

But he makes the team!

Deadpool 2 is coming out soon, and marketing for the movie and news surrounding the stars of the film have been ramping up.

The problem is that there's just so dang many of them.

Actor Josh Brolin says the dedication of his "Deadpool 2" co-star Ryan Reynolds to his craft makes him the "Daniel Day-Lewis of comedians".

Honestly, even though he declared himself "in the top five worst singers in the universe", we were kind of impressed with Reynolds' pipes.

From that point forward, Wade Wilson/Deadpool will break the fourth wall on numerous occasions with witty observations and asides.

In case you are unfamiliar, Korean variety shows can get pretty insane and have premises that might seem a little unusual to North Americans who don't venture too far out of the mainstream.

Wade still lives in erotic bliss with girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin); heaven help them, they've just started talking about having kids.

So far, fans know very little about Fox's X-Force plans, but Ryan Reynolds did open up about the massive undertaking in a recent interview.

Not that he ever stops cracking wise in the process.

We'll see if Jackman decides to respond to being called a "flesh-covered speedbump", especially after Deadpool 2's estimated $150 million opening weekend.

Josh Brolin jumps from voicing Thanos in "Avengers: Infinity War" to starring in the next box-office hit of the summer as the time-traveling tough guy Cable.

Deadpool believes Firefist can be saved from going to the dark side.

Ditto the Fox Marvel films - which have included the X-Men series and Hugh Jackman's run on Wolverine.

I loved the X-Force. Best known for the FX series "Atlanta", Beetz needs about 90 seconds of screen time to get the audience wondering: When does she get her own movie?

Rest assured that, as in all things Deadpool, there are some very self-aware, very amusing jokes built into this overstuffed poster. Wade adds Peter to the team because why not? Dennison's character, Firefist, is nuanced enough - at least as much as this movie can allow - and Beetz's mutant is portrayed with genuine cleverness, as opposed to something more forced. But even the easier jokes are delivered with enthusiasm, and accompanied by creatively gruesome R-rated carnage.

Deadpool 2 doesn't even come out until Friday, so who knows what kind of insane stunts Reynolds is going to pull in the next few days?

This is the best sequel since "Godfather II".