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Salma Hayek Calls For Reparations For Actresses Who Have Been Underpaid

15 May 2018
Salma Hayek Calls For Reparations For Actresses Who Have Been Underpaid

"A lot of handsome, peaceful men have been the victims of the bullying of men", she declared, saying it was "an exciting time" for men in Hollywood. Hayek explained this in terms of simple arithmetic: "If the movie's budget is $10m, the [male] actor has to understand that if he is making $9.7 million, it is going to be hard for equality".

"The actors have to say: 'OK, time's up".

Harvey Weinstein specifically chose to "discredit" sexual harassment allegations from women of color, Salma Hayek alleged Sunday during a talk at Cannes Film Festival. "Otherwise they will kill the movie".

Hayek, a prominent leader in Hollywood's Time's Up movement, was among 82 women - symbolizing the mere 82 female-directed films to have screened at Cannes, compared to 1,866 films directed by men - who protested the festival's gender inequality the previous day.

"He only responded to two women, to women of color", Hayek told Vanity Fair at the Cannes Film Festival this week.

Hayek said men should not be afraid of change in the gender balance.

Hayek also remarked on her allegation of sexual harassment made against Harvey Weinstein in an op-ed in December.

Weinstein at the time issued a lengthy statement of denial. "So he went attacking the two women of color, in hopes that if he could discredit us, he could then maybe discredit the rest".

The silent protest with 82 women walked down the red carpet before stopping halfway up the steps to the Palais des Festivals, where the events are hosted.

Hayek also claimed that if there hadn't been as many allegations made against Weinstein, people would have accepted his denial of her accusations.

Just this year, the 51-year-old Mexican-born actor has sold four television shows about women to different outlets. It also went on to state that all the women from the fraternity were standing as a symbol of determination and progress, which they will all climb together.

"The men are terrified".

She added she found the protest - in which more than 80 women stood on the red carpet - visually arresting: "I was really moved to see physically - which is the best way to do it, because cinema is about visual images - and I think that we talk a lot, but this image, yeah, it looked like we were a lot".