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SpaceX Launch Time & Live Stream for Falcon 9 Block 5

11 May 2018
SpaceX Launch Time & Live Stream for Falcon 9 Block 5

Reuters notes that SpaceX needs to check the data logs from the onboard computers to find out what went wrong with the launch so close to takeoff.

Why it matters: Previous incarnations of the Falcon 9 could be relaunched two times.

Possible launch dates have been pushed back several times.

Bangabandhu-I, Bangladesh's first ever high-orbit communications satellite, will be launched today by SpaceX. SpaceX has its eye on bigger ambitions: The 350-foot-tall Big Falcon Rocket, or BFR, which will help the company reach the red planet and was recently approved for production at the Port of Los Angeles.

What is Block 5? That makes it easier and faster to produce, according to a Reddit question and answer session hosted by Andy Lambert, SpaceX's vice president of production. For comparison, older Block 4 versions flew a maximum of two missions before retirement. SpaceX has also added features to enable the rocket's 16-story booster - the largest and most expensive part, as it makes up about 70% of total launch costs - to launch, land, and be reused. "The new grid fins should be capable of taking a scorching and being fine".

A Falcon 9 first stage in the final second of its descent to a landing on the ASDS drone ship.

This is the third satellite that SpaceX will have aided in launching.

The new version has greater lift capacity and its manufacturing process has been simplified, she said. During a conference call Thursday before the flight, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he expects to see "Same day re-flight of the same rocket", as early as next year.

The company has also upped the fault tolerance of numerous rocket's components in line with the higher safety standards of crewed spacecraft. "That's basically the key thing on block 5". Eastern. Currently, SpaceX is scheduling the launch for 5:47 p.m.

Bangabandhu-1 will separate from the top of the Falcon 9 at 33mins 38secs after launch. Having a reusable rocket isn't super cost effective if it takes months to perform the maintenance needed before it can be used again.

The mission is also the first to use Falcon 9 Block 5, which SpaceX describes as the "final substantial upgrade" to the rocket.

-An enhanced heat shield at the base to better survive re-entry, which gives the rocket more reusability capabilities.