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Spin unseen on TV behind Daniel Ricciardo time loss

14 May 2018
Spin unseen on TV behind Daniel Ricciardo time loss

Verstappen finished third at the Circuit de Catalunya to stand on the podium for the first time in F1 2018, holding off Sebastian Vettel in an injured Red Bull after he damaged his front wing in contact with Lance Stroll. No. 1: Their two drivers fighting for the same bit of tarmac.

Red Bull brought a comprehensive upgrade package to Barcelona and Ricciardo set a new race-lap record as he ended with the fastest lap of the race.

"It's just Q3 (we struggle in)", said Verstappen.

"We just don't have that power mode for Q3", he said. "Look, we've attacked before and kept it clean, so we just need to do that".

"I lost a little bit of my front wing and it didn't seem to affect me that much at high speed, but braking into the hairpins it was easier to lock [the tyres]". "Max got a little ambitious into turn one on his final lap so never had the opportunity to improve, it is possible he could have got Kimi, but that would have been the maximum today".

With temperatures dropping significantly from Friday practice, it became unclear which of the super soft or the soft tires was the stronger qualifying tire.

On the contrary, Verstappen stuck to the Supersoft for both his runs but later conceded: "I still don't know what the faster tyre is to be honest". "I chose the supersoft, Daniel went on the soft". "He's had a hard start to the season, so starting a new chapter in Europe I think will really settle him and send him on his way".

Well, Daniel Ricciardo is expecting a similar missive from his boss Christian Horner this afternoon. Remember that stern talking to - complete with finger-wagging - you received; the one that went "don't touch this" and "don't do that" because she'd know, and "woe betide you" if you disobeyed? Fridays paint one picture but you're never sure what is going to happen.

"With the laps we put in I thought we would only be a couple of tenths from pole, not six or seven".

"Q3 I think we [Verstappen] both put in a good lap on the supers, which I don't think was our preferred tyre, just the way the vehicle is feeling this weekend I felt the softs were better so that is why I went for them in the second part of Q3". I chipped away at my lap time by a few hundredths but it wasn't enough and they put in a few belters at the end.