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TI Arrest He Came Looking for a Fight ... According to Police Report

17 May 2018
TI Arrest He Came Looking for a Fight ... According to Police Report

T.I. says his early morning arrest was completely B.S. and believes he got locked up by white police officers for being an affluent African-American celebrity. The rapper had allegedly forgotten his key but the security guard would not let him into the gated neighborhood, which resulted in an argument. But. he returned shortly after on foot to confront the security guard again, who then called the police.

T.I. was released on bail on Wednesday afternoon and he never had to go to court. Harris reportedly said he awakened the guard but the guard initially refused to open the gate for him. T.I. asked the guard what his name was several times, but the guard didn't answer.

T.I. was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and simple assault near his Georgia home on Wednesday, May 16, the Associated Press reports. When things escalated, T.I. called his friend, Marquinarius Holmes, 40, who was arrested on outstanding charges from Clayton County and for not having proof of vehicle insurance, the sheriff's office told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The friend, who had a warrant out for his arrest from Clayton County, was arrested on that warrant.

In a statement provided to CNN, attorney Steve Sadow said T.I. was "wrongfully arrested early this morning when he attempted to gain entrance into his gated community - where his wife "Tiny" and his family reside".

According to Tip, his arrest is ultimately a result of calling out his gated community's security guard for sleeping on the job. The rapper was released from the Henry County Jail about 8 a.m. Wednesday after posting $2,250 bond. Tip clearly identified himself and sought entry. He says he gave the guard "every opportunity" to apologize for sleeping, but the guy refused. He called the incident "small potatoes" compared to all that he's been through and said he would let God "deal with the craziness..." Sadow also said the police weren't interested in hearing his client's side of the story when they arrived on the scene and "wrongfully chose to end the situation by arresting" him.