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Trump And Kim Jong Un Likely To Meet Next Month In Singapore

11 May 2018
Trump And Kim Jong Un Likely To Meet Next Month In Singapore

The three American prisoners released by North Korea have thanked President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for "bringing us home".

"On 12 June, I'll be meeting with Kim Jong Un, to pursue a future of peace and security for the world. But those hostages came out with respect, we didn't pay for them", he said.

Technically the United States and North Korea are still at war - a stop-gap armistice ended the brutal three-year war between the two countries in 1953 and around 30,000 U.S. troops remain in neighboring South Korea.

While the two leaders have been trading barbs over the United States and North Korea's capabilities and nuclear power, the two nations have, of late, been trying to build a relation.

Pompeo has described USA objectives for the summit as the immediate "permanent, verifiable irreversible dismantling of North Korea's weapons of mass destruction program".

"So the relationship is good, and hopefully, for all of us, for the world, hopefully something very good is going to happen".

However, the US Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said the release of detained American citizens from North Korea was "no great accomplishment" of Mr Kim.

"If the North Korean government doesn't drop the bombs around their other neighbor countries, that doesn't mean it's actual peace for North Korean people", Jo said in a recent interview.

The President said relations with the secretive state were "starting off on a new footing" and said Mr Kim had done a "wonderful thing" letting the men go.

"It has been North Korea's consistent position for decades that U.S. Forces Korea should limit its activities and withdraw", Mount said.

Pence said: "I simply let them know that while we received this news with joy, that Otto was on all our hearts and the family was in our prayers". This meeting will make him the first United States president to sit down with a North Korean dictator.

Trump has credited his "maximum pressure" campaign for drawing North Korea to the table and has vowed to keep sanctions in place until Pyongyang takes concrete steps to denuclearize.

Coates said that North Korea handing over details about its existing programme would "set us up with a greater chance of success, anything that they would like to do, but we haven't been signaling preconditions up until this point".

Located just over 4800 kilometers from North Korea, Singapore is comfortably within the flying range of its aircraft.

It took about 10 days before the North's media released the news of the summit schedule fixed in inter-Korean talks.

North Korea has accused South Korea of abducting the 12 women who were working in China and demanded their return.

Crediting himself for recent progress, Trump has pointed to Kim's willingness to come to the negotiating table as validating US moves to tighten sanctions - branded "maximum pressure" by the president.

Mr Kim made a decision to grant amnesty to the three Americans at the "official suggestion" of the USA president, said North Korea's official news agency KCNA.