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US Sanctions Iran's Central Bank Governor, Alleges Hezbollah Ties

18 May 2018
US Sanctions Iran's Central Bank Governor, Alleges Hezbollah Ties

The Treasury Department said it had imposed sanctions on Valiollah Seif, the bank's current governor, and another senior official, Ali Tarzali, the assistant director of the bank's worldwide department, labeling them both as "specially designated global terrorists".

Increasing financial pressure on Iran, the United States imposed sanctions against Chairman of the Central Bank of Iran, prohibiting conduct any business with this person. He is expect to win a parliamentary seat.

"These hostile policies have failed and will fail to bring any achievement for the United States, and will rather make the Iranian nation and government more determined, patient and resilient than ever in their efforts to counter America's anti-Iran measures", Qasemi said. "The worldwide neighborhood should stay vigilant towards Iran's misleading efforts to supply monetary help to its terrorist proxies". Secondary sanctions also apply to non-Americans and non-US companies. That means anyone who does business with him could be cut off from the U.S. financial system. Earlier this yr, the Trump administration slapped sanctions on the deputy governor of Russia's central financial institution, Alexander Torshin.

Though it's uncommon to sanction central financial institution officers, the USA has carried out it earlier than.

The EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also reiterated the bloc's determination to keep the deal in place, adding that the remaining parties had agreed to find practical solutions in the weeks to come, including continuing to sell Iran's oil and gas products, maintaining effective banking transactions and protecting European investments in the Iranian market. "I would question whether any foreign banks would want to engage directly with the central bank of Iran at this point". USA officials were reaching out Tuesday to central banks in other countries in the Middle East and Europe to inform them of the sanctions and encourage them to immediately freeze assets the bank has overseas.

In making these designations, Kupchan said, "Trump today sent a shot across their bows with this show of resolve". To the contrary, Britain, France and Germany are working to salvage it. British, French and German foreign ministers met in Brussels on Tuesday to see how they can save the nuclear deal without the US.

Putting a central bank governor on the list of terrorists because of banking activities is all but unheard of. Seif frequently visits Washington to attend meetings of the International Monetary Fund. Still, the U.S. said it was imposing "secondary sanctions" on the Iranian bank officials, which could significantly increase Iran's isolation from the global financial system.

Not only is Trump re-imposing sanctions on Iran, but he's also threatening to take the dramatic step of punishing European businesses that don't wind down their dealing there.

In a 2016 assembly of the Council on International Relation in Washington, Seif mentioned Iran achieved "virtually nothing" from the deal.

Lebanon's Hezbollah, the highly effective Shiite guerrilla power that can also be a outstanding political participant in Lebanon, has lengthy helped perform Iran's global coverage targets within the Arabic-speaking world. Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist group which launched a war against Israel in 2006, is a key regional ally to Iran.