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View from Away: The case for Gina Haspel as CIA director

13 May 2018
View from Away: The case for Gina Haspel as CIA director

But the pledge takes on extra significance with Haspel, whose hearing centered around the role she played in the CIA's interrogation program - something Trump said on the campaign trail he wouldn't mind bringing back into practice.

Senator Joe Donnelly from IN announced on Saturday that he would would to confirm Haspel to the role, following a meeting with her on Thursday to discuss her nomination that included the use of techniques like waterboarding during interrogation of terror suspects at a base she oversaw IN the early 2000s.

Haspel is a career CIA officer who has spent much of her time at the agency working under cover. She also said that the Central Intelligence Agency learned "tough lessons" during "that tumultuous time", and that experience reinforced her "personal commitment, clearly and without reservation", not to restart the CIA's detention and interrogation program. Haspel spoke in Russian at one point, underscoring her long experience running clandestine operations against Russia, these people said. Her comments to the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday will be her first since President Trump nominated her.

At least one influential Republican, Senator John McCain, was unconvinced by Ms Haspel's assurances and dealt a symbolic blow to her nomination. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., and Kamala Harris, D-Calif., who scolded her for what she saw as her evasiveness in questioning.

As CNN opinion writer Carrie Sheffield noted, "Haspel has won the backing of national security officials from the right and left, including former Sen. Most of all, I know the use of torture compromises that which most distinguishes us from our enemies, our belief that all people, even captured enemies, possess basic human rights, which are protected by global conventions the USA not only joined, but for the most part authored".

"For those reasons, and after careful consideration, I will support Ms. Haspel's nomination to lead the agency to which she has dedicated her career", he added.

Graham, who missed a lot of the Senate motion this week to spend time along with his pal on the McCain household residence, stated in an interview that it is due to the Arizona senator's work that Haspel will likely be required to comply with the regulation, as she stated she would do. "I believe the Senate should exercise it's duty of advice and consent and reject this nomination", wrote the Senator.

For what it's worth, Cheney offered a prophecy to Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, predicting that Haspel would ultimately be confirmed. Joe Manchin of West Virginia as the only two Democrats to support Haspel. He also voted for Mr. Trump's pick to run the State Department, new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. "I think the Democrats are trying to find some way to vote against her, but it's hard".

In 2005, Haspel drafted the cable instructing the Thailand tapes to be shredded.