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Windows 10 Now Runs On 700 Million Devices

08 May 2018
Windows 10 Now Runs On 700 Million Devices

While primarily focused on its own platforms and services, Microsoft did announce a few tidbits for those in the Apple ecosystem. "Together, we are bringing unparalleled intelligent cloud and Azure IoT capabilities to devices on the edge, creating the potential to change the game for multiple industries spanning agriculture, public safety, construction and more". Second, Microsoft's Edge browser on iOS will soon be able to access Timeline. Building for AI is more important to developers than ever, as technology continues to change the way people live and work every day, across the cloud and across edge devices.

DJI and Microsoft have announced a new strategic partnership to bring forward a new software development kit (SDK) to Windows that will allow for full flight control of commercial drones. Furthermore, it noted that if the application was purchased via a referral by the company - be it online advertising or similar methods - the share will drop to 85:15 in favor of the developer. Project Kinect for Azure is a package of sensors (including a next-generation depth camera) with on-board compute capabilities.

The above quote came from a Monday press release introducing some of the newest features that Microsoft believes will help developers take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI).

Updates to Microsoft's Bot Framework, used for integrating chatbots, will offer improved dialogues and customisation of voices and personalities.

Project Kinect for Azure, the technology used in HoloLens will help develop insights and operations.

A preview of Project Brainwave, an architecture for deep neural net processing, is now available on Azure and on the edge. The company also announced "Sets".

At Microsoft Build 2018, CEO Satya Nadella said now is the "era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge" for developers. To start, the company is aiming to make it easier for developers to customize experiences in Microsoft Teams with new and updated Teams APIs in the Microsoft Graph, as well as the ability to publish custom apps to the Teams app store.