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"Yanny-Laurel" Debate Dividing Internet is Taken to Laurel, Delaware

18 May 2018

In response to the Yanny-Laurel phenomenon/thing, the Patriots on Wednesday tweeted their own audio clip, asking fans whether they hear "Brady" or "G.O.A.T". If you heard Yanny, you probably can not fathom how someone else heard Laurel and vice versa. Even celebrities from Chrissy Teigen and Ellen are weighing in.

While some hear Yanny or Laurel, others have admitted their interpretation of the sound has changed.

It's the biggest social media debate since "the dress": is a robot voice saying "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

We found people are pretty much split down the middle, when it comes to the Yanny-Laurel argument.

Several researchers agreed that the audio recording is just too ambiguous.

Older adults tend to start losing their hearing at the higher frequency ranges, which could explain why Riecke could only hear Laurel, but his eight-year-old daughter could hear Yanny.

It turns out it's all down to frequency that each individual is able to hear. But some of it is also the mechanics of your ears, and what you're expecting to hear. Mediocre speakers don't usually play both quality bass and treble. "If you remove the high frequencies, you hear Laurel". Things quickly got heated, as people everywhere began to chime in on what they heard.