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Air France to innovate with intelligent voice recognition with Alexa

09 June 2018
Air France to innovate with intelligent voice recognition with Alexa

The Seattle company on Thursday announced the Fire TV Cube, an internet-connected media player capable of toggling between set-top boxes, over-the-air TV and streaming services, all using Amazon's voice-activated software.

If you're in deep with Amazon's Prime and Alexa ecosystem, you might be interested to hear that they've just added the Fire TV Cube to their hardware lineup with a $30 discount and a bonus $10 Prime Video movie credit when you activate the Fire TV Cube by July 1st.

The Fire TV Cube has dual-band Wi-Fi built in but also comes with an Ethernet adapter for a wired internet connection.

Amazon says it'll work with a number of compatible TVs, sound bars, A/V receivers and cable or satellite boxes. It packs in all the great streaming functionality you'd get from the Fire TV, plus it supports hands-free Alexa like the Echo Dot.

Users can also pre-order the Fire TV Cube and Amazon Cloud Cam for $199.98, which is a $40 savings.

Perhaps they control your lights, heat, security system, but are these smart devices we've put in our homes spying on us? Again, something more akin to HomePod than Apple TV. TiVo not only lets you use Alexa to control its DVR, but was recently giving away a free Echo with the purchase of a TiVo box.

Amazon is launching a new Alexa-controlled TV device called Fire TV Cube.

"Tens of millions of customers around the world are already using Alexa, and today we're excited to introduce Alexa to our customers in France", said Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President, Amazon Devices International. By pairing the two devices, you can ask Alexa to control video playback, search for content, and launch videos in supported apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and ESPN.

What the Fire TV Cube does differently is that it encompasses all of Echo; Alexa is always listening for the wake word and you can talk to it even if the TV is off. Support for HDMI-CEC is also included, meaning that the Cube can control a setup via that as well, provided that the other devices support that standard.

"We think it's really going to change the way customers utilize Fire TV, because it's so much more functional", Prenner says. What are your thoughts on the Amazon Fire TV Cube?

In addition to working with your cable subscription, the Fire TV Box will also allow you to navigate apps from many content providers via voice commands.