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Apple aims to get smartphone addiction under control

07 June 2018
Apple aims to get smartphone addiction under control

APPLE has announced a string of product software updates at its annual developers conference, revealing a new service created to improve our relationship with its beloved products. Instead of typing one person's name you can type multiple.

Apple is finally delivering on some promises it made a year ago about its HomePod speaker, including giving the device the ability to link with another for stereo sound.

With Shortcuts, Siri also makes proactive suggestions, such as birthday calls or putting your phone on silent at the movie theater.

The virtual assistant will be able to remind you to call your mum on her birthday or draft a text to your boss when you're late.

Another major addition announced for iOS 12 was Time Limit, which will allow users to pre-determine how much time they should spend using individual apps, and bring up a full-screen alert when an allowance is used up.

Along with ways to limit distracting notifications from iPhones, a new Screen Time feature allows people to more tightly control and monitor time spent in applications.

Apple also will give users reports on how much time they spend on apps and what gets them to check them constantly.

Of any features, this might be most important to parents.

We'll start to see these Siri changes in iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and other Apple software releases later this year. "Imagine the goodwill Apple can generate with parents by partnering with them in this effort and with the next generation of customers by offering their parents more options to protect their health and well-being".

Digital objects created with the new format, called USDZ, will work in Apple's Safari browser, Messages and Mail apps, meaning AR isn't limited to stand-alone apps that people choose to download separately. And kids can use an AR Lego kit, placing digital characters and models into the real world. The product didn't really take off but Apple could be looking to have a second bite at the cherry.

"The things mentioned in the Times article about relationship statuses and all these kinds of stuff, this is so foreign to us, and not data that we have ever received at all or requested - zero", Cook told NPR's Steve Inskeep and Laura Sydell during the company's annual conference for developers in San Jose, Calif.

In other announcements, there have been rumours of a new version of the company's iPhone SE being in development which could also be unveiled at the conference, as could a rumoured cheaper version of the HomePod smart speaker. Next, he put a picture on the table, and the app gave him the dimensions of the rectangle - flawless for framing, for example, but probably also possible with tables or other rectangular furnishings.