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Bethesda reveals Starfield with achingly short trailer

11 June 2018
Bethesda reveals Starfield with achingly short trailer

But in the midst of all this news, we also got confirmation that we're getting a new Elder Scrolls game on the mobile front.and maybe other platforms as well. Join us and create your own today!

Said to be in pre-production stage at the moment, The Elder Scrolls VI was revealed through a short teaser trailer at the event. It's actually a pretty slick looking game based on what we've seen thus far. Utilizing touchscreen controls, players can tap to move and the combat system will respond to their specific movements and timings. It was also noted that the entire game can be played in portrait mode. Given how the coastal region looks fairly temperate, it's possible Elder Scrolls 6 is set in Valenwood or possibly Hammerfell. In The Abyss, players will travel through a seemingly endless dungeon. Here's what they have in store for Switch players.

Blades provides a massive first-person RPG experience you can play on your phone during those "important meetings".

Watch Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference here

We also liked the game's sense of humour, as at one point a goon notices a TV laying on the floor and ends up watching an advert for an animatronic monster head.

The second announcement trailer was for The Elder Scrolls VI, a game fans of Skyrim have been asking for. What do you want to see in the next chapter of the saga? Details about the edition are limited but we know it comes with a life size Power Armor Helmet.