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Democrats avert California debacle, gear up for midterms

08 June 2018
Democrats avert California debacle, gear up for midterms

The race highlighted the struggles of Democrats to wrangle an unwieldly list of candidates to rally behind a single contender.

Will this be a year in which macro trends - a rising economy and falling unemployment - help to shore up Republicans?

It's that theory - coupled with improvements on the congressional generic ballot - that has led to a surge of optimism among Republicans about their chances of retaining their House and Senate majorities this fall. That is over double the $58 million spent in the 2016 election cycle. We just tied the lowest unemployment rate in the last 50 years. "The [gas tax] initiative is going to be on the ballot in November and Democrats are going to have to defend raising the gasoline tax while Republicans say they want to repeal it". "Remember, Dems are High Tax, High Crime, easy to beat!"

What that means in practical terms is that voters see the 2018 election as a referendum on Trump - and the candidates in his party. "The problem is, now he can't run away from Donald Trump in November".

"I'm really, really anxious about our Constitution being ruined by this presidency", Karuntzos said after casting her ballot at a local community centre.

Some of these winning women could make history if they win their general election contests.

"She continues to be a serious drag and a net-negative" for Democrats, says McInturff, the GOP pollster.

The gender gap on the President's approval rating remains significant, and his disapproval rating is especially high among university-educated women.

That was in evidence again yesterday, another day of validation that the dynamics of American politics have shifted under this president.

If Grimm wins, Democrats believe they can capture the seat in November. Democratic incumbents, including California's Sen.

Congratulations to John Cox on a really big number in California.

Montana State Auditor Matt Rosendale won the GOP nomination in a bid to unseat Democratic Sen.

That appears not to have happened.

Sherrill will take on the Republican state Assemblyman Jay Webber in one of several New Jersey races Democrats view as possible pickups.

Given the state's unique election laws it will take days to sort out its competitive races and determine winners. If Republicans are on the defensive there, and they are, it could have been worse for them. And because Republicans have slipped behind no-party-preference voters in California - they're about a quarter of the electorate now - there was a real big fear among Democrats that they could just miss out on this top-of-the-ticket race.

California Democrats claimed critical spots in the November general election as they try to begin a "blue wave" of replacing Republican congressional representatives in key Southland districts. "It was Gavin Newsom and the Democrats".

Cox was a relatively unknown Republican businessman before the election, but Trump has endorsed him personally in previous tweets. They won't know the answer to that for months.

Dan Walters is the founding editor of the "California Political Almanac" and the co-author of a book on lobbying, "The Third House: Lobbyists, Money and Power in Sacramento".

Democrats need to add 23 seats nationwide to retake the House.

There was a silver lining for Republicans, who are not accustomed to good news in the state leading the "resistance" to Donald Trump's presidency. These results come on the heels of last month's primaries in West Virginia, which were another fairly successful night for the Republican establishment.

So he's willing to endorse candidates who were not strong supporters of his in 2016, as was the case with Cox in California, who didn't even vote for Trump.

Republicans have a few internal problems of their own. Republicans must live with that reality. A large number of mail-in ballots and a printing mix-up that caused almost 120,000 names to be dropped from the voting rolls in Los Angeles County will likely mean the final results won't be known for days.

Republicans have been in a tailspin for years in California, where a diversifying population has grown increasingly Democratic in its leanings. But they did reinforce the environment that will shape the coming campaign.

Meanwhile, Republicans in districts won by Hillary Clinton, also managed to stay on the November ballot in key districts as well, in addition to securing a general election spot in the gubernatorial race.