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Heat for tweet: Browns' Randall amazed by jersey posting

01 June 2018
Heat for tweet: Browns' Randall amazed by jersey posting

Newcomer to the Browns, Safety Damarius Randall, is a Warriors fan and he's recently posted that he'll buy everyone who retweets his post a jersey should the Cavaliers win.

Randall, who came to the Browns in a March trade from Green Bay, said he couldn't track the number of re-tweets because his phone locked up when he tried to access his Twitter account. "I definitely didn't think the Cleveland fan base would go this insane about it". "Obviously, it is a joke". Assuming around $100 for an authentic replica, Randall could have a $100 million retweet fiasco on his hands. So Randall had already become the athlete with the most retweeted tweet ever, surpassing one by LeBron James that was retweeted more than 655,000 times a year ago, according to an unofficial list compiled on Wikipedia. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, it's the most retweeted tweet in the United States between May 23 and May 29.

"Do I get a trophy for that?" he asked. To this point, Randall's been a capable player, racking up 10 interceptions in three seasons, but in the aftermath of that tweet, his decision-making should be called into question.

At least, he would have before he admitted the tweet wasn't serious on Wednesday. "But obviously it got the whole world excited about it, and I mean now I'm actually excited about it".

That tweet had 122,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoon, so Randall would be in deep trouble money-wise if the Cavaliers pull off an improbable upset.

Randall did not say which team or player the jersey will be of. You'd better believe I'm one of them, too.

Naturally, many Cleveland fans don't want to hear it. On Monday night, the former Arizona State Sun Devils talent sent out an invitational post to his followers on Twitter.

When one person replied, "Zero percent chance he delivers", Randall retweeted and commented, "100% chance".