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Heroic raccoon scales Minnesota office building

14 June 2018
Heroic raccoon scales Minnesota office building

Thanks to a harrowing journey up the side of a skyscraper, a raccoon in St. Paul, MN, climbed its way to modest social media stardom before it finally reached the top of the 25-floor building.

When a racoon in the USA city of St Paul, Minnesota started scaling up a UBS Tower building - it was perched on the ledge of the 23rd floor at one point - it instantly became an Internet sensation as a source of amusement and anxiety for workers and social media users alike.

A raccoon stranded on the ledge of a building captivated onlookers overnight after it started scaling an office building.

This item has been corrected to show the building is called UBS Plaza, not UBS Tower.

Valdivia said the roughly 1-year-old female raccoon did not appear hungry or thirsty - it had glutted on pigeon eggs at some point Monday, when it kicked the whole saga off by getting stuck on a ledge.

At the 23rd floor, it stopped for a nap, allowing time for more photos. Valdivia said her mother-in-law saw it on the news in Chile. The animal made it to the roof early Wednesday, where the baited traps were waiting.

A raccoon that spent much of Tuesday climbing a skyscraper in St. Paul, Minn., has gathered a crowd of anxious followers from around the world.

The mammal was spotted by Tim Nelson, a Minnesota Public Radio reporter, who has been relentlessly tweeting about the progress in the raccoon's movements.

Nearby Minnesota Public Radio, which followed its climb, branded it #mprraccoon.

"Any other measures we think would endanger him".

A parody Twitter account for the little climber tweeted about his accomplishments and thanked his fans after he got to the top of the building.

Fears were growing for the raccoon's safety after almost 20 hours on the building without food or water.

Meanwhile, tensions were reaching such great heights of their own that a local Good Samaritan roughly two dozen stories below the raccoon even - rather ambitiously - offered to catch the little one.