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Illinois Republicans in Congress break from Trump over border children

20 June 2018
Illinois Republicans in Congress break from Trump over border children

We want to secure the border. This measure, crafted in closed-door discussions between GOP conservatives and moderates organized by leadership and in consultation with the White House, will provide $25 billion in border wall funding, eliminate several visa programs while restructuring others, and provide a pathway for six-year "indefinitely renewable" legal status for Dreamers who could later apply for citizenship.

When asked if the issue will "tar" Republicans in the upcoming midterms, McConnell said, "it's not going to tar anybody, we're going to fix the problem".

Later on Tuesday, after the Trumping meeting with the GOP House members, The Republican Main Street Caucus, chaired by Rep. Rodney Davis said in a statement, "Since the beginning of this debate, Main Street members have been committed to finding a permanent solution for DACA recipients and adequate funding for border security that will prevent risky drugs, illegal guns, and criminals from flowing through our country". Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, one of the leaders of the group, said Trump's speech was positive but wasn't sure if it was enough to close the deal with his colleagues. "This is a shameful chapter in American history and California should have no part in - directly or indirectly - imposing irreparable trauma on thousands of vulnerable young children", former State Senate President Kevin de León, who is running for the U.S. Senate, wrote in a letter to Brown.

"Unacceptable additions have bogged down every piece of legislation we've done". Tom Cotton told reporters after noting the discussions were ongoing.

Earlier in the day, Trump further complicated the process when he seemed to say he would still make changes to the House legislation during a speech at the National Federation for Independent Businesses. "So what I'm asking Congress to do is to give us a third option, which we have been requesting since past year, the legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit". A growing number of Republicans have pushed back, including Sen.

Democrats say the crisis is of Trump's own making, and accuse him of using children as pawns. "We are a nation of laws".

Twelve other Senate Republicans signed on to Hatch's letter, including Cory Gardner of Colorado, Dean Heller of Nevada and John McCain of Arizona. But the attention is much higher on Mr. Trump, as are the numbers of children being separated. As Vox reports, that included about two weeks when the zero-tolerance policy was not in full effect.

For ex-Republicans, there is no single path - nor even a single take on the president who contributed to their disenchantment with GOP, in the first place. "It's all within our power, and people have to overcome their desire to preserve an issue to campaign on". "He can fix it tomorrow if he wants to, and if he doesn't want to, he should own up to the fact that he's doing it", said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY. The meeting in the photo actually occurred in January.