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Instagram announces IGTV, a hub for long-format videos

22 June 2018
Instagram announces IGTV, a hub for long-format videos

Todd Kriezelman, co-founder and chief executive of MediaRadar pointed out YouTube ad spend flattening as of late, saying: "Across a sample of 70 top YouTube channel pages, advertising spend has been flat in 2018, with only an 0.2% increase YTD". "Marketers see YouTube as an obvious opportunity".

It's free and you can start recording videos by yourself right away, just download it from Google Play and register an account. People wanting to watch a one hour video on their TV, for instance, won't enjoy wasted screen real estate and black bars.

The company has officially launched IGTV, a new way for Instagram users to create YouTube-like channels that host longer videos within Instagram.

There also are no ads in IGTV, yet. Instagram says that as it's on mobile and we use our phones vertically, that's the way their videos should be filmed and watched. To celebrate, the Facebook-owned photo site is launching a true video platform that goes beyond the short throwaway videos the service now offers.

Recent controversies have caused marketers to rethink their YouTube investments.

Video has also proven a lucrative area for online advertising dollars while more traditional text ads have stagnated.

That doesn't seem to be in the cards for IGTV. Even so, it'll take time for consumers and advertisers to build trust in the platform.

While Facebook has more overall users, its growth in monthly users has stalled to just 3.14 percent.

There are also some hints of the defunct Vine service in there, appropriate, as some of IGTV's stalwarts like King Bach started on there.

Fashion influencer Pia Muehlenbeck wore a red dress chosen by her social media fans for a sunny day in Santa Monica to make her first video for the new IGTV. Here, the channels refer to the creators themselves.

All are areas where YouTube is trying to improve to make it a better place for advertisers, Lowcock added.

"It's similar to when Instagram launched Instagram Stores and was competing with Snapchat", said Lugibihl, a software developer.

"Facebook [sees IGTV] as a way to organize video in a more cohesive way", he said.

IGTV is already positioning itself carefully, perhaps in light of YouTube's foibles. Since then, the video-sharing website has ballooned to a user base of 1.8 billion, becoming a platform for aspiring content creators looking to strike it big. However, influencers will be able to share links in IGTV to support deals they strike with brands.

Perfectly vague, but one thing is for sure: all the money received will be shared, with Instagram and Facebook rolling out their version of ContentID.