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Kim Jong-un knows denuclearization must be 'quick' - Pompeo

15 June 2018
Kim Jong-un knows denuclearization must be 'quick' - Pompeo

Kim's summit with Trump in Singapore on Tuesday was the first meeting between sitting leaders of the two countries.

He said the United States would like "major" North Korean nuclear disarmament by the end of 2020, and that Pyongyang understood there would be "in-depth verification" of the process.

The report was interpreted as meaning the United States would grant rewards - such as sanctions relief - to North Korea as North Korea take steps to denuclearize, a process which the USA had adamantly opposed. "They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea".

Pompeo returns late Thursday to the U.S.

Many lawmakers from both parties, while unready to declare the summit a diplomatic victory or defeat, remained skeptical the US could successfully negotiate a deal toward peace with Kim - but are letting the process play out. "Nobody thought we were going to have an agreement like that".

On Tuesday, following their historic Singapore meeting, Trump and Kim issued a joint statement that reaffirmed the North's commitment to "work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" and gave USA guarantees of security to North Korea.

Tough sanctions against North Korea will remain in place until its complete denuclearisation, the U.S. secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said, apparently contradicting North Korea's view that the process agreed at this week's summit would be phased and reciprocal. According to the Washington Post, North Korea's definition of "denuclearization" is different from Trump's.

Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program will come to an end, he asserted, claiming that Kim had already left Singapore and was "on his way back" to North Korea to begin implementing their joint vows.

Pompeo said a day earlier he would like to accomplish major nuclear disarmament in North Korea within Trump's current term. And now it appears Trump's overtures to North Korea and willingness to treat Kim like a statesman has earned the U.S. President a similar amount of deference.

Tokyo has reacted with concern at Trump's plans to cancel military exercises with South Korea, saying such drills are vital for East Asian security. "It has been 25 years since the North Korean nuclear issue popped up and there has been many, many diplomatic efforts and consultations and the Six Party talks, and it didn't go anywhere".

"Featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un, in a meeting to remake history, to shine in the sun". Conservatives said the move displayed weakness from the US on the world stage.

"The most directly involved party in Korean Peninsula issues is us". "But lots of other places where there were understandings reached, we couldn't reduce them to writing".

President Moon said the successful outcome of the U.S.

But they were effectively postponed when North Korea, angered at a U.S.