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Kim, Trump arrive in Singapore for landmark summit

13 June 2018
Kim, Trump arrive in Singapore for landmark summit

Meeting with staged ceremony on a Singapore island, Trump and Kim came together for a summit that seemed just unthinkable months ago, clasping hands in front of a row of alternating USA and North Korean flags, holding a one-on-one meeting, additional talks with advisers and a working lunch.

Trump did most of the talking, and Kim appeared to listen attentively, turning to him three times during their walk toward their meeting room.

The first meeting that the pair had on their schedule was one-on-one, accompanied only by translators. "We will be tremendously successful".

Kim said that "it was not an easy path here", but went on to say that "we've overcome everything and come to this place".

Earlier the two leaders shook hands and posed for photographs, before moving inside the hotel to talk to reporters.

From there, the group expanded even further for a working lunch.

The document signing followed a series of meetings at a luxury Singapore resort.

If implemented, the end of military exercises could be one of the most concrete and controversial moves to arise from Trump's summit with Kim, who pledged to pursue denuclearization but offered no details. "The world will see a major change".

The letter, which was publicly disclosed after Trump signed it with a flourish and held it up to the TV cameras, contained the grand language typical of Trump.

Mr Trump and Mr Kim sit down with their respective delegations for the US-North Korea summit, following a private discussion that kicked off the historic meeting between the leaders.

Read a full copy of the document here.

But the interpreter has some experience of Trump already, having served in talks between Kim's right-hand man Kim Yong-chol and Trump at the White House recently. "But that's not part of the equation right now", Trump said.

He recently faced a barrage of criticismsover his trade policy, including the imposition of punitive tariffs on US' top trading partners; proposal for readmission of Russian Federation to the group; the abrupt withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal earlier this year; and reneging on the Paris Agreement on climate change last year.

The women of Ocean's 8 proved this weekend that they know how to steal the show - and much more - as the new heist flick took in an estimated US$41.5 million (S$55.4 million) in North American theaters. "I took everything, everyone came at me and I'm still standing".

The United States and Canada swung sharply towards a diplomatic and trade crisis on Sunday (June 10) as top White House advisers lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a day after US President Trump called him "very dishonest and weak".

The U.S. president said he ultimately wanted to bring the U.S. soldiers stationed in South Korea home, although now he had no plan to scale back the U.S. military presence there.

The comments come after the two leaders shared a firm 12-second handshake as they met for the first time and exchanged a few words with each other. This could, overtime, also weaken worldwide resolve and willingness of many nations, particularly outside the West, to implement global sanctions against North Korea. "We're prepared to start a new history and we're ready to write a new chapter between our nations".