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Lucasfilm Only Want Proven Directors For Future Star Wars Movies

21 June 2018
Lucasfilm Only Want Proven Directors For Future Star Wars Movies

Sources close to Lucasfilm told Collider on Wednesday that they were putting all future Star Wars stories on the back-burner as a result of the disappointing box office returns.

Solo A Star Wars Story is set to be the first flop in the franchise's hstory. The film's May release was always regarded as a little risky just five months after The Last Jedi, with every Star Wars film previously occupying the prestigious Christmas "event movie" slot - and there was much talk of why it was necessary to tamper with a beloved character who was already so well-established.

Obi-Wan Kenobi may not be getting his own solo film. Collider reports that the studio has put a hold on the spin-off plans for films including Stephen Daldry's Obi-Wan film and James Mangold's Boba Fett movie. Now, Collider is reporting that Lucasfilm has made a decision to put any more spinoff movies on hold, choosing instead to focus on the next installment in the main Star Wars storyline.

On the creative side, the spinoffs have faced enormous obstacles as well: major portions of both Rogue One and Solo were reshot with different directors, while an early attempt at a Boba Fett movie was scrapped outright after its director (Josh Trank) was let go. Many also argue that it didn't do quite as well thanks to being up against Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2.

Is "Star Wars" is pressing pause on standalone spinoffs like "Solo" and "Rogue One"?

Regardless, we're hearing that plans to revisit this A Star Wars Story format have been put on hold for the moment.

According to Star Wars News Net, the multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate is reportedly "done experimenting with new or unusual filmmakers".

Before that, Rogue One reportedly had millions spent on re-shoots when Gareth Edwards original version was considered too dark, while Colin Trevorrow was dropped as director of Episode IX before he even got started, to be replaced by The Force Awakens helmer JJ Abrams.

We'll tell you more as it emerges.