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May narrowly avoids Brexit bill defeat over 'meaningful vote'

13 June 2018
May narrowly avoids Brexit bill defeat over 'meaningful vote'

The results could also deliver a further blow to Prime Minister Theresa May's authority, which was severely damaged when she.

The debates on Lords amendments to the Brexit Bill were hampered by the amount of time taken to vote, also cutting into the time for discussion of the power grab on Scotland's devolved powers.

As I write the full terms of the deal have yet to be revealed, but there is briefing ministers have conceded that a motion, which could be amended, would be put before MPs, in event a final divorce deal is voted down.

Tory rebels claimed that the government had agreed to specific proposals from leading backbench remainer Grieve to address concerns over what would happen if parliament rejected the final Brexit deal, or talks with the European Union were to break down.

If agreed, ministers would have until the end of November this year to secure a Brexit deal before seeking the approval of parliament.

Dr Lee, who represents the Leave-voting Bracknell seat, said in a lengthy resignation statement: "Our Parliament should be able to direct our Government to change course in our interests".

Theresa May last night brokered a fragile unity among MPs, pressing the case that Brussels will be watching and urging them not to undermine negotiations.

The United Kingdom is now part of the European Union single market but if London leaves it after Brexit, Britain will have to negotiate new trade deals with its partners, including the United States.

"I've been through this before when in opposition and now that when we're in Government, because if the House makes the concession of allowing the dialogue to continue and I can see the merit of that happening, it has got to be done in good faith". "But where amendments have been made that seek to or inadvertently undermine the essential objective of the bill to provide a smooth and orderly exit, or undermine the referendum result, we must reject them".

Brexit campaigners still expressed concern that the concession may open the door to the European Union trying to force Britain into retaining the closest possible ties with the bloc by weakening the government's hand in the talks. Grieve suggested that would not be enough to prevent a rebellion.

"A vote between bad and worse is not a meaningful vote".

The decision to seek a compromise marked an important victory for the soft Brexit/Remainer/"realist" Tory rebels, who have been promised an amendment giving them most of what they want. Downing Street sources said they would back an alternative amendment on the proposal for "a customs arrangement", tabled by the backbenchers Nicky Morgan, a remainer, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leading Brexiter.