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Main » Nintendo reveals 'Super Mario Party,' 'Fire Emblem,' 'Fortnite' for the Switch

Nintendo reveals 'Super Mario Party,' 'Fire Emblem,' 'Fortnite' for the Switch

13 June 2018
Nintendo reveals 'Super Mario Party,' 'Fire Emblem,' 'Fortnite' for the Switch

Nintendo is one of the front runners of the esports push at this year's E3, as the company will be hosting the Nintendo Splatoon 2 World Championship at E3 2018 and the Super Smash Bros. With a December release date, that gives Nintendo plenty of time before the game hits shelves and more than enough time to knock it out of the park. You can play it exclusively on Switch in 2019. Ultimate, which features so many playable characters, new moves, and tweaks to existing fighting controls that Nintendo needed 25 minutes just to cover the bare minimum. This took up the bulk of the Direct, as it went over changes and updates to numerous characters' attacks and appearances. This is a fairly massive change for Link as it means you can no longer spam bombs as players might have done in the past. Stages from previous games will make a return, such as Princess Peach's Castle, Spirit Train, and the Green Hill Zone.

Sakurai began by introducing the fighters coming to the party in Ultimate. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has finally been unveiled, complete with a full-length trailer. "As for Metroid Prime 4, now they have a new story they want to tell; a new way to showcase the game and the characters in the Metroid universe in the best way they can". The animation style isn't hard on the eyes either. It will be exclusive to the Switch, of course, and it really is the ultimate iteration of the popular series.

Alongside the new gameplay content, Super Mario Party is going to integrate some weird multi-Switch gameplay that will allow users to play together across multiple Switch consoles and merge their screens together.

Protoman and Bass join Mega Man's final smash, while supporting characters from EarthBound and Mother 3 support Ness and Lucas. It'll also support a new GameCube controller designed explicitly for the game and its hardcore competitive scene. The trailer showed teams of two people each playing each other in Super Mario Party.

Guess who is coming to Nintendo Switch next year and not as a spin-off title?

The battle royale shooter genre has become huge in the last few years, and Fortnite is far and away the leader right now. The Switch version has all the same chaotic building, cringe-worthy dancing, and fierce shoot-outs as its counterparts.

E3 2018 brought many announcements that free-to-play users will be excited about.

There were not that many surprises, save for the launch of Fortnite on the Switch, which became available immediately after the webcast was over.

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