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North Korea says Trump agreed on step-by-step denuclearization process

14 June 2018
North Korea says Trump agreed on step-by-step denuclearization process

Trump ruled out immediate sanctions relief for North Korea after his meeting with Kim, saying it would come "when we are sure that the nukes are no longer a factor".

Malcolm Turnbull today slapped down a muddled journalist who asked him if he was anxious about American troops pulling out from North Korea instead of South Korea.

South Korea lives under constant threat of an attack by North Korea, and the country's leadership has promoted the idea of diplomatic negotiations as a result.

"I think Kim Jong-un is very different from what I had thought before".

Security experts warn that a reduction in United States military presence in East Asia would alter the balance of power in the region as China's engages in a rapid military build-up. I want to bring our soldiers back home", Trump said, adding "But that's not part of the equation right now.

At the summit, Trump emphasized what North Korea has to gain by giving up its nuclear weapons and rejoining the worldwide community - a subject he returned to on Twitter.

In the summit agreement, Kim and Trump affirmed their commitment to "complete" denuclearization, falling short of the U.S.'s longtime demand for a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the North. He was also linked by US intelligence to a devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures in 2014.

"Kim Jong Un and Trump had the shared recognition to the effect that it is important to abide by the principle of step-by-step and simultaneous action in achieving peace, stability and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", it added.

"It would be reasonable for the foreign ministry that has professional expertise and experiences to take over nuclear talks", said Chun Yung-woo, a former South Korean representative to the six-party talks.

When the two leaders signed a bilateral agreement in the afternoon, many South Koreans praised the result, while some also expressed skepticism.

He made it to China but was caught and returned to a North Korean labour camp, where he said torture was among the "very serious human rights violations", which he witnessed, and which he says still continue to this day.

"The goal of this summit was to get the North Koreans to agree on denuclearization", she said.

A spokesman for U.S. Forces Korea said they've received "no updated guidance" in regards to military exercises.

Lastly, even as the door to diplomacy remains open, we shouldn't forget who Kim Jong Un is.

According to the Pentagon, about 28,500 US troops are stationed in South Korea.

Trump and Kim arrived in Singapore on Sunday and are set to leave later on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the focus was now on North Korea's response.

He visited Trump in Washington in late May, and has met Pompeo four times, twice in Pyongyang, once in NY and then during the summit.