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Rubio on Trump's "very bad" ZTE deal

10 June 2018
Rubio on Trump's

The agreement reached between Washington and ZTE foresees that the Chinese company will pay a $1 billion cash fine and place $400 million in escrow, to be forfeit if violations continue. ZTE was assessed $2.29 billion in civil and criminal penalties by the Commerce Department and other US agencies since past year.

Finally, while no agreement has been officially inked, the sources in the Reuters article did say ZTE has finished all of its signatures and that the us just needs to finalize the deal.

The story began last March when ZTE lied to the USA government about disciplining employees responsible for supplying, building, and operating telecommunications networks in Iran with US -supplied components and equipment. The ban also hurt American companies that supply ZTE.

The resolution of the ZTE case may clear the way for the make progress in its trade talks with China. ZTE also exported similar material to North Korea.

We're learning about a settlement that will cost ZTE $1.4 Billion.

While the details of last weekend's deal have yet to be revealed, it is understood that ZTE has promised to replace its board and executive team in 30 days.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said, "There is absolutely no good reason that ZTE should get a second chance and this decision marks a 180-degree turn away from the president's promise to be tough on China".

However, Mr Ross stated that the ZTE agreement would not have any effect on the talks. It agreed to pay $890 million in fines, dismiss four employees, and discipline 35 others by either denying them their bonuses or reprimanding them.

The US has made a decision to lift the tech ban on Chinese telecom giant ZTE in return for a US$1.4bn settlement and several other compliance measures.

The terms, they said, were in line with Reuters reporting on the US demands Friday.

US President Donald Trump met with his trade advisers on Tuesday to discuss China's offer to import an extra US$70 billion of American goods over a year in hopes of defusing a potential trade war between the world's two largest economies. "We will closely monitor ZTE's behavior", Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said. Post calculations of United States parts in the company's products would also have to be on a public website.

The compliance team will report jointly to the new ZTE chairman and the US Commerce Department.

The suppliers include Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Intel Corp, as well as smaller optical component makers Acacia Communications Incand Oclaro.

To date, total penalties have already reached about $2.29 billion.