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Stephen Miller Was Driving Force Behind Trump Family Separation Policy

18 June 2018
Stephen Miller Was Driving Force Behind Trump Family Separation Policy

Some mothers say they were told their children were being taken for a bath, but were never returned. We need to work with those countries in Central America from which these families are coming to end the gang violence that is encouraging them to leave.

Under a "zero tolerance" policy announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department of Homeland Security officials are now referring all cases of illegal entry for criminal prosecution.

"We are fixing family separation within this bill and have made changes to keep children with at least one of their parents", he said.

Trump's public acknowledgment that he was willing to let the policy continue as he pursued his political goals came as the president once again blamed Democrats for a policy enacted and touted by his own administration.

The officials on the call said the stricter standards would also apply to the initial screening process to determine whether immigrants crossing the border have a "credible fear" of returning to their home countries.

This post has been updated. That effort, which ran counter to Trump's earlier promise to sign a bipartisan bill protecting the young immigrants, foundered in Congress.

"Nobody likes" breaking up families and "seeing babies ripped from their mothers' arms", said Kellyanne Conway, a counsellor to the President.

Trump administration officials have repeatedly defended the policy of separating kids and adults, arguing that it acts as a deterrent against illegal immigration.

The former Breitbart News executive chairman said the president is simply enforcing the law in response to critics who say it is immoral to separate families.

Hours after Trump's comments, the White House issued a statement saying the president had misspoken.

Democrats are being forced to get creative in protesting the Trump Administration's new "zero tolerance" stance toward immigration, as they are outnumbered legislatively in the House.

Realizing the emotional resonance of the issue, House Republican leaders inserted a provision to block the Department of Homeland Security from separating parents and children in an immigration bill expected to be debated this week.

Though the policy has been enacted and touted by his own administration, Trump has avoided publicly owning it and, instead, blamed Democrats for "forcing the breakup of families at the Border with their frightful and cruel legislative agenda". "And so he went to a zero tolerance policy", Bannon said. Republicans announced that they planned to vote next week on a pair of immigration bills, but Democrats have indicated they are solidly opposed to both of those proposals.

Democrats have countered that no law requires the government to separate children from their parents.

Avenatti tweeted out the Spanish word "Basta", meaning roughly "enough" or "stop it" in English, as he ridiculed Miller's callous and self-congratulating defense of Donald Trump's immigration policy in a New York Times report.

Federal data show almost 2,000 children have been separated from their families between April 19 and May 31, according to the Associated Press.

Previously, many illegal immigrants were allowed to remain at liberty while they awaited proceedings.

"Give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...and we will lock their children in cages with tin-foil blankets".

In an election year in which Democrats appear to have an advantage on voter enthusiasm, Republicans can ill afford to alienate any voters this fall, particularly their most passionate supporters.