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The OnePlus 7 Might Come With 5G support

30 June 2018
The OnePlus 7 Might Come With 5G support

Sales of OnePlus devices recently started at carriers in Europe, and with the United States market so much more reliant on carrier sales, it only makes sense to make a push here. Pete said OnePlus wants to be one of the first smartphone companies to offer support for the next-generation wireless technology when it is rolled out in the US.

It seems like OnePlus is going to have some exciting stuff coming with its next phone, presumably named 'OnePlus 7.' It'll be interesting to see how all this pans out.

Lau spoke with PCMag at Mobile World Congress Shanghai on these topics, explaining that OnePlus recently began to offer phones through European carriers, and U.S. carriers are a natural next step.

The probable reason why OnePlus could be one of the first companies to launch a 5G smartphones is because of its good ties with Qualcomm.

Of course, there aren't any 5G networks yet, but we will start seeing them in some countries from next year.

That would mean U.S. customers won't have to buy OnePlus handsets outright anymore and will also have more opportunity to try before they buy, though Lau didn't specify which carrier or carriers he's in talks with.

However, Lau does promise a "burdenless" experience with a commitment to no bloatware.

Meanwhile, OnePlus will release the 256GB storage variant of the OnePlus 6 in India on July 10. Thus, after a OnePlus 6T that should be introduced in the second half of 2018, we expect the company's first high-end handsets of 2019 to be called OnePlus 7.