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Trudeau cabinet member prepared to end Trump trade spat

15 June 2018
Trudeau cabinet member prepared to end Trump trade spat

Freeland steered clear of addressing Trump's tirade, but she pulled no punches about the tariffs and the president's insistence that they were enacted to protect national security under Section 232 of US trade law.

Navarro said Canada has dumped lumber into the USA and erected high barriers to harm wheat, barley, beer, spirits and dairy at a disadvantage. For example, Canada and Mexico have both announced that they will be retaliating with their own tariffs on U.S goods.

"It is increasingly freakish to see an administration heaping praise on a totalitarian dictator while using unprecedented language to condemn the elected head of government of the United States' closest ally", Kenney said.

On Tuesday, Trump kept up the attack on Trudeau.

This came after Trudeau had said that Canada would "move forward with retaliatory measures" starting from July 1 in response to Trump's decision to impose 25 percent trade tariffs on aluminum and steel on its closest allies Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

Although it will be the first World Cup to be hosted by three countries, most matches will be played in the United States.

Trump's allegations of calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau weak, dishonest and that his actions are going to cost Canadians "a lot of money" has seemed to bring all Canadians together. "We design and build machinery and the main component is either steel or electronics", said Rhonda Barnet, President & COO of Steelworks Design Inc.

Canadian politicians of all stripes have rallied around Trudeau, unanimously passing a motion Monday supporting the prime minister and denouncing Trump's personal attacks on him.

"Donald Trump can, quite unpredictably, decide to blow up one aspect of the relationship or another", he told AFP, explaining that Canada had long worked to deepen ties with the occupant of the White House, but also with lawmakers in Washington and in key states, and with business leaders.

Canada agreed with the United States on Thursday that slow-moving talks to update NAFTA should continue although they did not set a date for the next round, a senior official said in remarks casting further doubt on the chances of a deal this year.

Freeland also warned that authoritarianism was on the rise and Canada and its allies would have to step up to preserve liberal democracy around the world.

Freeland capped off a brief trip to Washington with a meeting with United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer this morning.

"In general, Canadians have looked at us as a large, powerful, unruly but basically good child - a big animal that they don't have to worry about but does stupid things now and then", said Stephen Blank, an American academic who has taught at universities on both sides of the border.

Canada, she said, is still seeking a "win-win-win" NAFTA deal, while adding that Ottawa will remain "absolutely resolute in defense of the national interest".