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Trump responds to viral G-7 photo

13 June 2018
Trump responds to viral G-7 photo

Europe will implement counter-measures against USA tariffs on steel and aluminum just like Canada, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday, voicing regret about President Donald Trump's abrupt decision to withdraw support for a G7 communique. She also said that Europe will not let itself be "deceived" again.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's viral photo staring down President Trump last weekend is just one of many moments captured during the Group of Seven summit - many seem to show conflicting stories.

Germany's Angela Merkel on Sunday chided US President Donald Trump's decision to retract his endorsement of the G7 communique via Twitter.

Many saw a distillation of a crisis of the West in the photograph, and a revival of the debate launched by United States and British media after Trump's 2016 election whether Merkel was the new "leader of the free world".

The decision to remove the U.S. from the communique set off a strong response from other G7 leaders.

With an eye to the trade dispute, she added: "We won't be bamboozled - we will take action". Merkel said that while she could imagine such a scenario in the future, Moscow would first have to make progress in putting forth a viable peace plan for the country, Reuters reported.

Even so, dialogue with the USA president must continue and global partnerships aren't over, she said.

"We will try to see if we can stop this from happening..."

The US leader has blasted Europeans, Germany above all, for failing to spend enough on their own defence, claiming they are taking advantage of US military power.

Trump made promoting American interests in worldwide trade his primary goal for the G7 summit, often to the detriment of diplomatic niceties. Trump called Trudeau "meek and mild" and "dishonest and weak" in a tweet for his stance on tariffs. "After a long day of work and very direct dialogue, we are actively seeking an ambitious agreement", an English translation of Macron's tweet reads. In late May, Washington slapped its allies with import tariffs on steel and aluminum after it failed to win concessions from its trading partners.

Canada also plans to impose similar taxes on steel and aluminum imports from the United States, as well as levy taxes on such goods as whiskey, orange juice and other food products in addition to that.