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Visa Card Payment Systems Go Down Across Europe

04 June 2018
Visa Card Payment Systems Go Down Across Europe

Visa Inc. said it's experiencing an issue that's preventing some transactions in Europe.

"Visa is now experiencing a service disruption", the company said in a statement on Friday. As declared, they are investigating the cause, and the resolving of the problem is in process. "This is an issue with Visa and not us I'm afraid".

The issue has thankfully been resolved, and Visa has said it was due to a hardware failure. "We are working with your banks to resolve this".

"We strongly advise people to keep any evidence of extra expenses they've incurred in order to claim them back".

"Where a card payment is declined we're asking customers for alternative forms of payment, ie cash, or another card".

The extent of the problem, which Visa called a "service disruption", has not yet been clarified.

The outage also affected some retailers' Mastercard and American Express payments because some merchant acquirers route their transactions via the Visa network.

On Friday, June 1, 2018, just as most banks were closing for the weekend across Europe, the debit card system provided by Visa went into meltdown.

Ultimately, this latest incident highlights the importance of having an alternative payment method with you at all times.

Customers have reported money going missing from accounts when their cards were declined - including one man who lost £10,000 when paying for a vehicle.

Top pic: Cash, you don't get these problems with that! Queues built up at petrol stations and shopping was left at supermarket tills as customers were unable to pay.