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Weinstein faces new rape allegation, suit

05 June 2018
Weinstein faces new rape allegation, suit

The suit alleges violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Over 90 woman have come forward with tales of sordid experiences with Harvey, which range from harassment and misconduct to assault and rape.

Weinstein was charged last week with a 2013 rape and forcing a woman to engage in oral sex in 2004.

She claims she was pitching a software programme she hoped the producer would purchase in 2011 at his office in NY, when he made aggressive sexual advances towards her and at one point reached underneath her dress, aware that he was on camera. Brafman denied the claim in a statement.

"Alex Spiro was by no means a companion of this agency he was one in every of many Associates and left this agency in or about Sept 2017", Brafman stated within the assertion. She alleged a lawyer with the firm presented himself as working for the victims of Weinstein, and she didn't learn that fact until after she handed material over to the firm.

Weinstein's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, has said that his client intends to plead innocent. The criticism alleges Thompson spoke on the telephone, exchanged texts and despatched emails to Spiro, who she believed was engaged on Brafman's behalf.

The Blast has obtained an image from the video tape showing Thompson's mouth agape as Weinstein rubs her arm in the privacy of his office.

"Deceptive tactics were used to entice her to turn over her visual and audio evidence of Weinstein´s conduct (which she did)", it said.

Weinstein has consistently denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

The friend, a NY modeling executive named Paolo Zampolli, who has reported ties to both Weinstein and President Donald Trump, urged her to follow through by citing Brafman's credentials, and later insisted Brafman had told him "he was representing girls", the suit alleged.

"I never have and I never would represent Harvey Weinstein".

The RICO suit did not name Brafman, his firm or Spiro as a defendant.

Thompson went to a follow-up meeting with Weinstein at a restaurant at the Tribeca Grand Hotel that same day, and the meeting quickly moved to a hotel room, the suit says. She alleged that he held her down and raped her.

"She knew that Weinstein might and would destroy her if she complained about his sexual misconduct", the lawsuit stated.

She says in 2017 Spiro approached her on behalf of Brafman's firm, telling her they were working with Weinstein's victims following the first expose against the mogul in October 2017.